• "Every day, thousands of consumers enjoy the quality of Thyker Poultry."

  • "On our fully-automated lines we process double chicken breasts into chicken fillets with and without tenderloin."

  • "A skilled workforce completes the final stages of the filleting process, and carries out the necessary quality inspections."

  • "Carefully sorted chicken fillet in customer-specific packaging."

  • "Our Pure Valley brand is synonymous with culinary  top quality."

  • "Your chicken fillet order will be delivered tomorrow or the day after."



Foodservice Industrie

High-quality packaging

The chicken fillets we supply to the food service channel are packaged under special atmospheric conditions, based on gas mixtures developed by ourselves. As a result we are able to guarantee a long shelf life. In combination with our short delivery time, you can enjoy flexible stock control and logistics. You simply have more time to sell your fresh chicken fillets – and as a consequence will experience lower loss rates.

The result of a managed process

We are only able to guarantee this extended shelf life because we process, package and transport our chicken fillets under strictly-monitored conditions. In that respect too, our aim is to be a totally reliable supplier and a strong link in the chain from slaughterhouse to producer and consumer.

Kwaliteitsverpakkingen (EN)

  • Thursday 17 July 2014


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