• "Every day, thousands of consumers enjoy the quality of Thyker Poultry."

  • "On our fully-automated lines we process double chicken breasts into chicken fillets with and without tenderloin."

  • "A skilled workforce completes the final stages of the filleting process, and carries out the necessary quality inspections."

  • "Carefully sorted chicken fillet in customer-specific packaging."

  • "Our Pure Valley brand is synonymous with culinary  top quality."

  • "Your chicken fillet order will be delivered tomorrow or the day after."



Foodservice Industrie

Food safety in practice

When it comes to food safety, we are just like you. We too impose the strictest demands on our products and our processes. Bacteriological, chemical and shelf-life investigations are continuously carried out in an independent laboratory, and as an extra guarantee of the quality of our product, we operate an extremely cautious hygiene policy. In that respect, we meet the stringent standards of HACCP/BRC.

Quality in the chain

Naturally, we are only able to guarantee food safety as long as every link in the chain plays its part. Against that background, the slaughterhouses that supply our products are also selected on the basis of quality and hygiene. For transport, we rely on regular partners who also fulfil our strict requirements. Our transport operators – who just like ourselves hold the BRC certificate – guarantee adequate temperature control throughout transport.


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