• "Every day, thousands of consumers enjoy the quality of Thyker Poultry."

  • "On our fully-automated lines we process double chicken breasts into chicken fillets with and without tenderloin."

  • "A skilled workforce completes the final stages of the filleting process, and carries out the necessary quality inspections."

  • "Carefully sorted chicken fillet in customer-specific packaging."

  • "Our Pure Valley brand is synonymous with culinary  top quality."

  • "Your chicken fillet order will be delivered tomorrow or the day after."



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The quality of Thyker Poultry

As a customer of Thyker Poultry, you expect high quality. But what exactly is quality? We are delighted to say that at Thyker Poultry, quality is a broad term. For us, the primary element of quality is not simply complying with standards and requirements: those are nothing more than the basic parameters.

Our true quality

Our true quality is to meet your needs and – even better – exceed your expectations. Achieving that goal every day calls for flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit. On the one hand we are faced with a fascinating customer base with unique wishes. On the other, we are dependent on an unpredictable market with a constantly changing scope of supply. Our quality lies in rapidly, expertly and flexibly responding to your needs, in this ever-changing market, without making any concessions to product quality, hygiene or food safety. To summarise, the quality of Thyker Poultry is born from the basic philosophy that the customer is always right!

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  • Thursday 17 July 2014


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